Why do you use My message from beyond?

Since we have no enlish responses yet here are some translated (by google) so maybe the spelling is not correct but the stories are real!

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Here are some examples from real-world practices.

Young father

Young Father Example

I just became a twin's father.

This is of course a great milestone in my life! Occasionally, I write something in my diary to share this with my children later. A copy of this diary will be added to the safe once a month. I think it's important if I can not give it if she's old enough to understand this, my wife or other relatives can give it to them. To my wife and parents, I have finished sending a email . Also included a file with parts from my diary that are really nice to remember like our wedding anniversary and a few very special vacations.

A good feeling because it was written down

I also indicated some preferences for my ceremony . I allow my relatives to have some more time for each other instead of having to discuss how I would probably have wanted it. My wife can just have time with the children and my friends can wish with my list next to the funeral centers. I feel it's a bit of responsibility to do this now. Certainly now that I have so many lovely people around me that I want to support where I can do this.

Vincent - The Hague

Own Business

I have had my own business for years.

A real one-person. Either way I can and do it myself! Of course, this has many advantages, but if I'm no longer no one knows how and what I've arranged with my company.

Everything in the Cloud

Leave your own company

Now I have an account at My Message from Beyond and I have to say that it gives a little rest. I do not have any wife or children so I do this more for my friends and family but especially for my clients. My friends do not want to settle with business management, I do not want to charge it anymore.

Now I have my entire administration and data in the cloud. With some shared folders and dropbox links I've got the right information for the right people. I will send this in a message 2 weeks after I passed away. Of course, I have let them know and match them.

One-hour investment

Now, I have one of my biggest worries, I can manage my business settlement with a small investment of 1 hour time and a package for the rest of my life. It is easier for me to get it easier. If something changes, I can always login and customize it. I have no hassle with notaries and the like and all that costs are not. Eventually, it was an nobrainer. Not very fun to do but it's double and worth it.

Guy - Amsterdam

Annoying experiences with intergenerational conflict

I've seen friends like how a close family can break apart when emotions come to mind as sadness and sadness come true.
In the event of a fire, that person died in his sleep. The whole house is burned down. There was nothing known about life insurance or life insurance. And there was a lot of disagreement about the service.

A good check

Struggle after death with relatives

I went to search the internet and encountered this and I really liked it. I filled in my profile and immediately realized that it was good to walk through this because I had never thought about it myself. I also found out that my death insurance did not cover my wishes at all, so I immediately adjusted that. So it was a good check if everything was well done.

Now I have an safe with all the important documents that may be needed for my relatives. There is a lot to ask for by roads but I thought I made it as easy as possible so I put everything in the safe. Insurance, Life Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Home Insurance, Some Bank Account Numbers, Subscription List, and Where I'm a member. And then I put 50 contacts in the address book. Now they can invite the people I think is important.

I've also made a few more posts. Not really important matters, but some words and phrases that I consider important to share with them. If I do not know, I will not take it with you!

Gerard - Doetinchem

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